per|son|ate1 «PUR suh nayt», verb, -at|ed, -at|ing.
1. to act the part of (a character in a play or in history); impersonate.
2. to represent as a person in literature or art; personify.
3. Law. to pretend to be (someone else), usually for purposes of fraud.
to act; play a part.
[< Late Latin persōnāre (with English -ate1) represent < Latin persōna, see etym. under person (Cf.person)]
per´son|a´tion, noun.
per´son|a´tor, noun.
per|son|ate2 «PUR suh niht, -nayt», adjective.
Botany. (of a labiate corolla) having the lower lip pushed upward so as to close the opening between the lips, as in the snapdragon; masked.
[< Latin persōnātus masked < persōna mask; see etym. under person (Cf.person)]

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